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Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

Njivice, Malinska, Krk, Punat, Baška, Vrbnik or Dobrinj? The Perfect Venue is waiting for you…

It’s an great idea to get married on the “Golden Island” – Island Krk. If you still look for the perfect wedding venue on the island we can for sure help you to choose the perfect one. Here you can find a list with the most beautiful villages on the island Krk. In almost every village you can find a couple of restaurants and hotels where you can get married or just have a nice dinner/wedding party.



Krk - Weddings island Krk

Krk appears elegant and harmonious when you approach it from the sea. Its historical nucleus is the widest on the southern part and extends by the sea. Becoming more and more narrow, the town is settling up to the north, creating the town nest inside the walls. All the roofs are standing in the perfect balance, except four bell towers which are projecting straight to the sky. Among them, there is the dominant cathedral bell tower which is also guard and messenger, a sonorous lantern. Underneath, between the indecision and passing by, the generations are observing each other.



Punat - Weddings island Krk

The town of Punat is situated in the southwest part of the Island of Krk, in one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic. Here, amidst the mild Mediterranean and the contrasts between the blue and the green, is the home of hospitable people to whom the climate has given the mildness and the rock and the sea have given them care and diligence.



Vrbnik - Weddings island Krk

Vrbnik is undoubtedly one of the most famous Croatian villages. It became famous thanks to its Glagolitic heritage and famous popular song with its special melody and content which is played and arranged in variety of performances and is called “Vrbniče nad morem” (Vrbnik above the sea). As with the other castles on the island, Vrbnik too is, situated high up, at almost 50 metres and on truly special place, on a cliff that literally dives into the sea.



Baška - Weddings island Krk

Baška is one of the best known tourist resort on the island of Krk, the Adriatic’s biggest island ( 40.578 ha). Krk’s position in the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic makes it the closest island to Central Europe. Baška’s favourable location has ensured its continuous growth and prosperity, as well as a distinctive place on the tourist scene, making the town one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic.



Njivice - Weddings island Krk

The great beaches, exceptionally blue sea, abundant shade, and mild climate attract a growing number of visitors to Njivice each year. A former fishing village, Njivice is today a renowned tourist resort, a coastal location with soul, and a favourite destination for visitors from Europe and beyond. Tourism in Njivice started to emerge in 1930 when the Hotel Luka (the present Jadran) and the Villa Dinka were built. Since then, tourism has been the main livelihood for the people of Njivice. Before that, the main activities were fishing, olive growing, livestock breeding, and forestry.


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